2018 and 2019 Six Nations fixtures

Six Nations teams stood by the trophy


Since this years Six Nations tournament brought more talk of changing the tournaments teams, it looks like it will stay the same for the coming two tournaments. This is after the Six Nations have released the fixtures for the 2018 and 19 seasons.

This years tournament brought talks of a relegation system being implemented, after Italy finished last for yet another year. Who thinks that the tournament committee should go ahead with the suggestion and allow other nations to have their chance at the trophy.

Who thinks that they should adopt the relegation system in the 2020 tournament?

Here’s what the fixtures for the next two Six Nations look like..



 WEEK 1 – 3/4 February

Wales v Scotland Sat 2.15

France v Ireland Sat 4.45

Italy v England Sun 3.00


WEEK 2 – 10/11 February

Ireland v Italy Sat 2.15

England v Wales Sat 4.45

Scotland v France Sun 3.00


WEEK 3 – 23/24 February

France v Italy Fri 8.00*

Ireland v Wales Sat 2.15

Scotland v England Sat 4.45


WEEK 4 – 10/11 March

Ireland v Scotland Sat 2.15

France v England Sat 4.45

Wales v Italy Sun 3.00


WEEK 5 – 17 March

Italy v Scotland Sat 12.30

England v Ireland Sat 2.45

Wales v France Sat 5.00




WEEK 1 – 1/2 February

France v Wales Fri 8.00

Scotland v Italy Sat 2.15

Ireland v England Sat 4.45


WEEK 2 – 9/10 February

Scotland v Ireland Sat 2.15

Italy v Wales Sat 4.45

England v France Sun 3.00


WEEK 3 – 23/24 February

France v Scotland Sat 2.15

Wales v England Sat 4.45

Italy v Ireland Sun 3.00


WEEK 4 – 9/10 March

Scotland v Wales Sat 2.15

England v Italy Sat 4.45

Ireland v France Sun 3.00


WEEK 5 – 16 March

Italy v France Sat 12.30

Wales v Ireland Sat 2.45

England v Scotland 5.00



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