British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland

Lions boss Warren Gatland has stated that he will not be releasing the Lions standby list.

This comes after England man Mike Brown expressed his concerns about not being notified about why he missed out on Gatland’s 41 man squad, and why he wasn’t told about the standby list.

Although Brown’s concerns are understandable, so is Gatland’s reasoning for not releasing his list of reserves for next month; stating, “The reason we won’t publish a list is because we may want to change our minds; we don’t want to back ourselves into a corner with a player who is right at the moment but maybe isn’t later on.”

I’m sure Brown is understanding of his potential bosses reason, as he would not be too happy if he was named and not included if it came to dipping into the standby selection.

Who do you think Gatland has got on the back burner for next month?