Quade Cooper goes into his 3rd bout in his professional boxing career tonight with two wins under his belt already, but this fight is shaping up a bit different…

Quade has been hit by a bomb of social media criticism down to the appearance of his opponent. He is set to fight 22 year old Jack McInnes, who doesn’t appear to be in the best shape for their face off tomorrow, in fact, he looks quite the opposite. McInnes turned out to the weigh in to shock the media and boxing fans by sporting a  physique which does not seem to shadow a stereotypical professional athlete.

Although, McInnes has quite the reputation in the fighting world, with 55 Muay Thai fights under his belt and experience at Mixed Martial Arts. This has not stopped the people of social media from having a go at the Aussie, claiming that it is like ‘beating a kid up for his lunch money’ as one enraged Twitter user stated.