Petition To Replay The Final Two Minutes Of Australia V Scotland


With World Rugby today confirming Craig Joubert got the last minute penalty decision wrong, we think they should replay the final two minutes of the game.

At first this may sound like a totally ridiculous idea, however it does have precedent. Earlier this year, UEFA announced the English and Norwegian Women’s U19 teams should replay the final seconds of their game after the referee was adjudged to have made a mistake.


The fact World Rugby have felt the need to come out and publicly clarify the decision was wrong shows the how big of a cock up there was. Referee’s get decisions wrong all the time, but it is rare at such a key moment in a game as big as this.

The reality is that Joubert was under pressure to make a quick decision and was unable to use the TMO so cannot be criticised too heavily. However now we know the decision was wrong and ultimately cost Scotland a place in the semi finals, maybe there is time to review?

We aren’t expecting anything to happen, but by liking and sharing this post we may just kick World Rugby into action to make some changes that ensure this never happens again!


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  1. In the spirit of fair play, let us right this wrong. Referees make mistakes but in light of World Rugby’s announcement and acceptance from the Australian players that the decision was the wrong one, let us push for some form of replay. The equivalent of extra-time before the actual semi-final for instance? If I was Australian I would want to know I had rightfully earned my place in the semi’s…….

  2. Yes agree lets replay this 2 min. But first need to go back to the Samoa game v Scotland. That was a knock on to the Scots that won them the try and game. That means no Scotland in the Qtrs Finals

    • Big difference. We (Scotland) were winning before the try vs Samoa, that try just increased our lead rather than putting us in front. Say that try didn’t count, chalk 7 from both sides (they wouldn’t have gotten their 4th if it weren’t for our awful attempts at retrieving the ball from kick off) we’d still have gone through 29-26

      • Cant start choosing what will and wont be looked at either all looked at or none. Refs makes call as they see it a splt second without slow motion replays. Get over it and stop crying like a sissy.

        • I’m not crying though, what part of that response indicates I was a ‘sissy’. I was over it by the Tuesday. I was just explaining why both scenarios are different.

  3. Biggest joke ever, when we (france) went to final in 2011 even though we did not deserve it I am totally aware. We should have won that game if Joubert would have been better at referring this day. Well, we lost but that’s sport sometimes you win sometimes you loose even though you do not deserve it.
    Australia deserve to be on the semi with the way they play since the beginning.

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