11 Strange Rugby Laws That You Have Probably Never Heard Of


The laws of rugby are often appear strange and unnecessarily uncomplicated to those outside of the sport, but these laws may baffle even the most die-hard of rugby fans;

1. 22.4(c) – Player In Touch Or Touch-In-Goal

This law means is that if you’re out of bounds, and you’re not holding the ball, you can touch the ball down for a try in the oppositions in-goal area.

2. 15.6(e) – Gaining Possession Of The Ball In A Tackle

Any player who gains possession of the ball at the tackle must play the ball immediately by moving away or passing or kicking the ball.

3. 21.4(f) – In-Goal Penalty Kicks

If a defending team opts to take a penalty kick in-goal, and then one of them prevents the attacking team from scoring, a penalty try must be awarded.

4. 10.4(p) – Flying Wedge Or Cavalry Charge

After a quick tap penalty, team mates are not allowed to bind onto the ball carrier until they have made contact with a defender.


5. 18 – Mark

A player may call for a mark from a penalty kick, even if the ball has hit the posts during the attempted kick.

6. 19.7 (b) – Dummy Throws

When throwing into the line-out, a player is not allowed to pretend to throw the ball in before releasing it.

7. 17.3 – Maul Defence

A player must not take any action to make the opposing team think that the ball is out of the maul while it is still in the maul.

8. 21.8(e) – Charging Kicks

Once retiring the requisite 10 metres, defending players are allowed to immediately begin charging down a free kick as soon as the kicker begins to approach the kick.


9. 17.4(b) – Joining A Maul

Players involved in a line-out who opts not to immediately join a maul must retreat behind their sides offside line.

10. 20.9 – Scrum Restrictions

A scrum half must not take any action to make the opponents think that the ball is out of the scrum while it is still in the scrum.

11. 16.4 – Ruck Offences

A player must not take any action to make the opposing team think that the ball is out of the ruck while it is still in the ruck.

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  1. 22.4 (c) is a pushover try – you’re thinking of 22.4 (g) 😉

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