18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Play Rugby

As a rugby player there will be certain moments that you inevitably go through, whether you’ve been playing for 6 months or sixty years…

1.Having to explain injuries to your manager on Monday morning’s


2.No matter how ‘big’ you are you end up wearing a shirt that’s way too tight


3.Your mum will express concerns about how ‘dangerous’ rugby is


4.Someone (probably a footballer) will say ‘isn’t it just a load of blokes running into each other’


5.At some stage you’ll want to smack a scrum half



6.You’ll find new levels of flexibility when you get stuck at the bottom of the ruck


7.The Friday night ‘dilemma’ of whether or not to have a drink the night before a game


8.At least once a season a guy twice your size will start running straight down your channel


9.You spend hours finding an excuse as to why you can’t make training this week


10.Arranging lifts to away games inevitably results in someone being left behind


11.Despite having only 9 players last week, somehow this time you have 30



12.You’ll watch on in disbelief as your captain points to the posts when you know you should kick to the corner


13.You spend hours trying to get a little bit of hot water in the showers after a game

0 (1)

14.You will have to spend hours explaining the rules to friends who still won’t understand


15.The thought of even moving the day after a game hurts like hell


16.Reminiscing about a try from your days in the youth team is inevitable after a few drinks


17.You regularly find yourself questioning your sanity when pinned at the bottom of a ruck…

18….and yet youdownload deep down you know that you wouldn’t give it up for the world!


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One comment

  1. Paul John Blackhurst Jnr

    number 19, some dumb bugger always says rules instead of Laws……. Oh better re check number 14.

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