We Want Your #RugbyTour Stories


It doesn’t matter what level you play at, every rugby player has #RugbyTour stories that have become legendary amongst teams and even whole leagues. We’re looking for your very best #RugbyTour stories of what’s gone on off the pitch that’s stayed between you and your team mates so far.


We’re happy to keep the stories anonymous but want to compile a playbook of the most outrageously entertaining #RugbyTour stories that you have (extra points for photos and videos).

Send your stories into dave@intheloose.com and we’ll get sharing your stories and make sure your #RugbyTour legendary status goes global!


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One comment

  1. Rob Scotch Holloway

    Just want to make it known that this is the University of Lincoln’s Rugby League team on our “£5 challenge” social.

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